A new Classroom Services/Grounds organization has been established, with responsibility for the appearance of the classrooms and common areas, event set-up, and campus landscaping.  Marty Goss, who has been the Security Account Manager on campus for the past 18 months, has been selected as the Classroom Services/Grounds Supervisor. Marty is knowledgeable about Institute facilities and has extensive experience in landscaping.  His office is located in A102 of the Morse Building and he can be reached via e-mail at marty.goss@miis.edu.

Kirk Eckhardt has been hired as the Classroom Services/Grounds Assistant and will report to Marty.  Kirk brings a wealth of experience in landscaping and we are looking forward to the transformation of the campus appearance over the next few months.  Charles Hunter will also become part of this organization and will continue with event set-up and classroom appearance.  A revised Event Request form will be published very soon, and should be routed directly to Marty for action.

Effective today, Monday, October 6, Jeremy VondenBenken will assume the duties of Security Account Manager. Jeremy replaces Marty Goss.  Jeremy has been on the security staff since January and is very familiar with the entire operation and the Institute as a whole.  Jeremy’s office is located in the Business Office and can be reached at x6519 or on his cell phone at 402-2653.


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