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Winter Term, which many call J-Term for short, will run from January 5-30, 2009. We have extended its length this year to four weeks to offer more courses needing additional time, as well as to provide extended time for off-campus activities.  J-Term is considered part of our Spring Term, so students may receive financial aid and/or use their comprehensive tuition fee to cover the tuition cost of these opportunities.

J-Term is designed to offer both students and members of our faculty unique opportunities for intensive, often immersive, study and learning that reflects and reinforces our commitment to immersive, higher order, and/or and open architecture learning.  Thus, students may study at the Institute or away from it, independently or as participants in a course; they may also find opportunities for short term internships, group activities, and field trips abroad or locally.  The goal is to provide students with innovative and diverse educational opportunities beyond what can be offered during our regular fall and spring terms.

For more information about what courses and activities are being offered during J-Term this academic year, please contact the deans.


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  1. Lynn McDonald on September 22, 2008 2:44 pm

    So cool! Can staff go too???

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