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Breaking Down Silos

Usually, IT misalingment occurs in one of two models:

business strategy –> business process –> IT process
IT strategy –> IT process –> business process

In this example, there is never any overlap between business strategy and IT strategy. We need to break down these 2 silos. Business teams should come to IT not asking for software or more computers, but actually to solicit solutions for problems at a strategic level (not at a tactical level).

Ideal Process

Ideal Process
IT strategy–> business strategy –> business process –> IT process

Once IT and your organization’s mission are aligned, THEN you can think about adding social media and other Web 2.0 elements.

Think of IT as propelling business, not driving.

What the CEO needs to know about technology:

  • IT drives business
  • IT is here to stay
  • caution & cost
  • cost ≠ value
  • don’t reinvent
  • everyone has a better idea
  • avoid the bleeding edge
  • one size does not fit all
  • know your assets
  • standardize & unify
  • develop a philosophy
  • define direction

Changing a Culture

  • Aligning IT with the mission
  • Relationship Building
  • Transparency

The IT Director

  • Selection Process
  • Role of the IT director
    • alignment focused
    • relationship builder
    • business partner
    • orchestrates people & process
  • Commitment to the org’s mission

If your technology group doesn’t have a people person running it and talking to people and creating a strategy, IT alignment won’t happen.

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