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WordPress is extremely extensible due to the wide variety of plugins available

A few useful plugins:

  • Feed WordPress allows you to incorporate other articles into your own blog using RSS
  • WPTouch transforms your existing WordPress theme into a web-application experience when viewed from an iPhone, iPod touch or Android touch mobile device.
  • Daggone Sitemap Generator
  • Simple Tags
  • FAQ-Tastic
  • Theme Test Drive allows you to test out new themes without activating it and showing it to all of your blog visitors

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Cultural Expectations and Experiences

Participants/facilitators bring to the process of digital storytelling their cultural expectations of authority and ownership.

  • Individual and collectivist approaches during production (and other cultural complexities)
  • Student voice and identity (as both an individual and a representative of their family/culture)
  • Being aware of issues in cross-cultural collaborations in story circles and peer review/feedback process

Imagined Audiences

Storytellers often imagine diverse audiences an anticipate responses to their stories involving diverse languages and cultures.

  • Multiple audiences and diverse purposes & use of languages
  • Participants as ambassadors for culture
  • Participants as individuals moving between two cultures and in borderlands
  • Cultural composition and readings of visual elements and soundscapes

Expectations of Power

Students’ and teachers’ educational expectations of curricular goals and student/teacher roles do not usually include sharing power.

  • Who controls the elements of the content and the process? What should be learned and who should be teaching?
  • Student-centeredness, creative production and the collaborative processes of storytelling in traditional classroom with various cultural expectations
  • Assessing and evaluating DS work (evaluating completion of process but not always the product’s content, evaluating 7 elements, using audience response)
  • How to structure in advance or decide in the moment when facilitators step in and drive

Stories Shown During Presentation

  • ESOL Intercultural Communication Classes
  • Somali Bantu Refugees’ Project Voice
  • The Charlestown Project
  • To view stories shown during the presentation, visit

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@steverubel, SVP/Director of Insight, Edelman Digital

Sites with no social interactivity component will soon be at a disadvantage.

Who should Twitter buy? Possible suggestions: FriendFeed, TweetDeck, Seesmic, Hootsuite/CoTweet, 37 Signals, Payment Solution,, Twittercounter. There is also the possibility of partnerships with NGOs, government, and social networks.

Twitter can/may make money on premium apps

There is NO threat to Twitter except

  1. Facebook (maybe) and
  2. Scaleability (probably not)

The only possible Twitter acquirers are Google and Microsoft. No one else.

Another important conclusion: Twitter as a sentiment engine.

Resource: awesome future of Twitter mindmap.


@anamitra, Project Management, Twitter

“The more commonplace it is to make a living from Twitter, the better it is for the platform.”

Engineering staff has been working through the night every weekend to fix stuff.
Dedicated to supporting the app community.

Twitter may soon have a paid version for businesses — accounts for individuals will still be free.

Twitter is like an onion: the more you peel, the more you find.



  • Richard Brewer-Hay, Chief Blogger, eBay (@ESBAle)
  • Jeanette Gibson, Director of New Media, Cisco (@JeanetteG)
  • Brian Solis, Principal, FutureWorks (@briansolis)

Do you need a corporate Twitter policy/strategy manual? YES. This manual should help people gain a sense of how to interact with the Twitter community that you create. Outline when a question or issue should be directed to another department. Discuss best practices as far as what to tweet, when to tweet, engaging your followers, etc.

Right now, when it comes to social media, there’s more action and jumping right in than strategy.

Compare Twitter/social media to bartending: the trick is to get workers to be enthusiastic and stay unique.

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@shelisrael, author of Twitterville

Twitterville is about the marketing efficiency of social media.

@Armon & Danielle
Crowded home
Asked ‘hood for help
Raised $6500 in just a few days
Used a formula developed by Beth Kanter
Establishes a sense of urgency

@StaceyMonk & Mama Lucy
Guest blog

@CasperODJ China Quake
Skype folks
1st Wstrn rprt

@jkrums & Flight 1549
Just wants to get to NJ
iPhone, TwitPic and tweet
MSNBC in 20 mins
Braided journalism



Measuring ROI

Tracking URLs ( to track clickthroughs
Tracking RTs
If you talk about it, chances are other people will talk about it, too

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Name recognition is a key factor (hence why Tweeps follow celebrities)
Sometimes, ghost writers may not be the most effective way to manage your Twitter account
MC Hammer on ghosting in Twitter: “If I’m suddenly accessible on Twitter, and it’s not me, that defeats the purpose.”

How do you deal with Twitter squatters?

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  • Jeremy Pepper, PR Manager, Boingo Wireless (@jspepper)
  • Ed Terpening, VP of Social Media Marketing, Wells Fargo (@EdTerpening)
  • Frank Eliason, Director of Digital Care, Comcast (@comcastcares)

People don’t go to Twitter for customer service. Customer service goes to them via Twitter.

40% of twitterers say the way a brand utilizes twitter affects perception of brand.

Best tools for customer service on Twitter:

  • PeopleBrowsr
  • Radian6

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