Coherence To help aid coherence,* organize most of your sentences as First, look back : <–<–<–<–< At the BEGINNING of a sentence, place older, less important, less difficult information. Last, look ahead: Place newer, more important, more difficult information at the END of the sentence. –>–>–>–> Example: <–<–<–<–<–<–<–<–<–<–<–<–<–<–<–<–<–<-<–<–<–<–<–<– Sherman has imitated his father’s behaviors throughout […]

Final Details •    Title: Create a good title for your paper. Your title should give your reader a clue about the main idea of your paper. The name of the book is the author’s title not yours. •    Do not forget to have your name on your paper. Obvious, but some students really do forget. […]

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