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September 08, 2008

Using a thesis statement

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Write fully developed papers with sound thesis statements at the end of the first paragraph (in a short paper). Each of the following paragraphs in the paper should have a good topic sentence, examples and development, and a good concluding sentence. Aim for about a half page typed or more for each paragraph. Use carefully placed quotations in your paragraphs, and correctly cite your quotations.

To develop a sound Thesis Statement, read the following:

  1. Your Thesis Statement should summarize the main idea of your paper.
  2. It is the nut from which your paper grows, the engine that drives your paper.
  3. Place it as the last sentence in your introductory paragraph.

Functions of the Thesis Statement:

  1. establishes a boundary around the subject that keeps the writer from wandering from the subject–about this–not about that.
  2. can chart an orderly course for the paper and make it easier to write–not just about this–but HOW it is –about this.
  3. gives the reader an idea of what to expect, makes it easier for the reader to follow.

Rules for the thesis statement:

1. The Thesis Statement should commit the writer to a single line of argument.
2. The Thesis Statement should predict major divisions in the structure of the paper.
3. The Thesis Statement should be clear, direct and concise.

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