MLA Citation Video from OWL

Citing From One Source:    Using Internal Citations

Correctly cite the page number of your quotation.

Set quotations apart from the text like this:

Example: The narrator ends the story with an appeal to nature:

Were the birds better friends than their hunter would have been, –who can tell? Whatever treasures were lost to her, woodlands and summer-time, remember! Bring your gifts and graces and tell your secrets to this lonely country child! (54)

* The set-off quotation should be double-spaced and in the same size font as the rest of the paper (12 point font).
* Notice that set-off quotations do not have quotation marks unless they mark dialogue.
* Notice that the page number in the set-off quotation is to the right of the punctuation mark: child! (54)

Using Multiple Citations

To correctly cite more than one source in a paper, download this guidesheet.


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