ROTC Resolution

RESOLUTION #:           SEN-1-09-2011A
TITLE:                          Middlebury College Student Government Association support for ROTC
SPONSOR:                   Charlie Arnowitz, Brainerd Commons Senator (
DATE:                          January 16, 2011

Whereas, Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) had an historical presence at Middlebury College from 1952 through the Vietnam War era;

Whereas, currently, Middlebury has no ROTC program, but only an affiliate program with the University of Vermont;

Whereas, the lack of ROTC presence directly on Middlebury’s campus presents a deterrent to students interested in serving in or learning more about the work of the US armed forces;

Whereas, the US is currently engaged in two wars and numerous other conflicts;

Whereas, in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, then-Dean of Student Affairs Ann Hanson stated that a primary reason for the lack of an ROTC on Middlebury’s campus was the then-discriminatory policies of the US armed forces against gay and lesbian Americans, contradicting Middlebury values;

Whereas, the US Congress voted to repeal the discriminatory policy known as ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ during the 111th Congress;

Whereas, peer campuses in NESCAC and the Ivy League have, in the aftermath of that repeal, taken steps to reinstate ROTC programs on their campuses given this historical development;


That the SGA encourages the Middlebury College administration to seriously examine the feasibility and advisability of re-instating a ROTC program on Middlebury’s campus, keeping in mind potential conflicts with College policy; and, to seriously examine the feasibility of forwarding Middlebury students’ study at the University of Vermont through awarding credit or fulfilling distribution requirements for students participating in this rigorous program.

Respectfully Submitted,

Charlie Arnowitz

Originally proposed.

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