SGA  Meeting 10/31/10
o  Quidditch World Cup Emergency Funding presentation
-4,000 for one bus and 8,000 for two busses to and from the event.
-55 person bus.
-Tickets would be 20$ per person
-Motion to vote to send back to the finance committee:  All in favor/none against/none abstained
o  OINK resolution
-Vote on resolution:  All for/ One against/ None abstained.
-Now resolution moves to administration
o  Midnight Breakfast Bill
-SGA will fully fund two (2) hot midnight breakfast in the Fall
-Looking into funding for the full year vs. just the fall- debate on issue to come
-Vote on bill: All in favor/ none against/ None abstained
o  Transportation Bill
-Tickets for airport busses are already selling very well
-Possible expansion may be occurring if more interest is given
-Bill is for thanksgiving and winter breaks only
-Vote on the bill:  All for/None against/None abstained
o  Food Committee:
-Changes in food quality/menus over the years
-Working on meeting with director of dining services
o  New Business:
o  Wireless status:
   -Attempt to make sure ALL dorms on campus have wireless by the end of next semester.
   -I.E. common areas of dorm buildings
   -Possibly looking at moving wireless to more centralized locations in the dorm
o  Printing budget:
   -Possibly combine the printing budget into coping as well
   -Questions into the purpose of the printing budget