SGA Meeting 10/24/10

OINK resolution:
o   Petition to be passed around to sign in support the initiative of OINK for first year students
o   Take signatures and information to the administration.
o   Seeking college to provide consistent employees to aid in the program
o   Looking for college to start re-funding this program. Looking to draw funds not from the student activities fee.
o   Looking to get oink before orientation, 2-3 nights, full scale/variety of trips
o   Possible cost sharing initiative if administration declines to pay.
Airport buses: Bristol Tours at Bristol had the most competitive offer. 400$ per trip, (5 dollars per person)
o   Three trips up, two trips back from the Airport for student breaks
o   Thanksgiving: 4:30pm bus on Tuesday to BTV, Weds arrives at BTV at 5 am as well as Mid Morning weds. RETURNING Sunday 6pm, and 11PM.
o   Stranded/late flights? Looking into smaller vehicle/vans for straggling students. Through a retainer fee.
o   Looking for $5 right now to include a reliable number and RSVP
o   Bristol uses a Bio-Diesel bus, most eco friendly at this moment.
o   Locking in our bids for Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks- to test now for future bids
o   80% of buses have been filled into the past.
o   50 person buses.
Vote on the break busses:  All in favor/ none against/none abstainedGrille delivery? Down from 2 managers to 1. Slowing the process even more.

Old/New News:
o   ROTC credit with P.E. and possibly History Credit is currently being discussed.
o   Tina: Food/dining  system. Conversations about the food. 4 dining systems now down to 2.