SGA Meeting 10/10/10

  • Transportation Update: Sizable amount of money in the transportation budget for this year
  • Break buses to boston and new York.
  • Wishes to expand busing to surrounding cities
  • Ride Board- Back up and running ( go/sga).
  • Fall Break buses are 80% sold, expect to sell out at end of week
  • Thanksgiving/ Xmas  buses are locked in for this year
  • Break Busing to the airport on the two busiest days (all student survey required)
  • Talking to four bus companies to get the best price w/ midd transit involved
    o       Make transportation funding available to commons councils?
    o       30,000 dollars not used, 22-23,000 appropriated for this year
    o       Possible shuttles up to Montreal
    o      Sunday bus to Burlington via student request…in communication with ACTR at the current
  • Oink Updates- Anne Runkel Oink Resolution is coming Homecoming Weekend’s Meeting
    o      Oink has been funded the past two years via SGA’s use of student activities fee dollars.
  • 55% of students “Strongly Support” the withdrawal of student activities fee for (1/5 of student body responds to survey last year)
    o       Call for individual senators to poll constituents for positive or negative responses
    o       Emails in favor for pre orientation are favored
  • Parton Health Center- Tony’s Update: Patients are referred to Fletcher Allen.
    o       No statistics are currently kept towards queer students- could possibly be used to provide evidence for the administration.
    o       Goal:  To build infrastructure to queer/gender aid on campus
    o       Provide for more sensitivity training around campus.
  • Joe Putko- New business- would like to see a social code in place
    o       People “borrowing” bikes, etc.
    o       Can tie this back into taking dishes from the dining halls and/or recent hatecrimes on campus
    o       Possible thought to reread/resign the honor code every summer via email/mailings.
  • Tina: Possible ad campaign or event to discuss social cohesion on campus- outreach in light of recent news events of hatecrimes.
  • Anne Runkel: Parties are really hard to set up(Even sub-free parties)
    o       Community council and ICH are looking into changing rules for registering parties this year.
    o       All FYC’s and RA’s are fire safety trained.
    o       Party House training is cumbersome, yet provides the most safe environments on campus.
  • Anna Esten: AAL requirement discussion?
    o       Administration is asking for alternatives to AAL
    o       SGA resolution to back up other committees on campus in their efforts to change AAL