SGA Meeting 10/03/10

  • Weekly announcements:  Tara: Printing LIS: budget to improve the printers or provide better printing on campus.  More efficient printers/honor system for small print jobs only printer.
  • Looking more into a printing quota
  • JOE PUTKO- no forks in Ross? Taking dishes/utensils out of the dining hall. Ideas on how to deal with missing dining hall dishes?
    o 30,000 dollars a year to replace all the missing dishes.
    o Possible student job to collect dishes in designated spots on dorms.
    o Possible paper plates could be used as a supplement? Environmental impact should be discussed.
  • Facilities is moving the office up here/ get a key at the end of the week to come use the space above the crest room
  • Anne Runkel : AdHock committee on finance meeting after this meeting. Report is coming next week for resolution . Oink survey data is being complied to be placed into a report/resolution for the president.
  • Tony is meting with Parton this week- in regards to resources for transgendered students.
  • Clarity in SGA’s workings: All senators can send all campus emails to their constituents.
  • SGA is currently looking into bid forms for bussing for students for breaks at the current moment.
  • All campus email is coming on the transportation.

Midnight Breakfast info               
o   Next week a bill is coming from Riley
o   SGA picked up Midnight Breakfast last year. Two days of its existence
o   8,500$ total. Around 1,200 showed for EACH night
o   Extremely popular with the students.
o   $50,000 lost in dishes a year. Possibly negotiate with dining services after this semester to rework the funding.
o   Possibly looking into a three night breakfast.
o   Possibly inviting professors to come to this event as well.