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Reminder: Summer Student Employment and Housing Agreements are due April 17!

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If you are a Midd student hired to work for Middlebury this summer, a Summer Student Employment and Housing Agreement must be submitted to SEO by April 17th (even if you do not need on campus housing).

Please visit the Student Employment Office Web page to view this summer’s procedures and policies. You can access all necessary forms on this page.

For answers to your questions regarding summer student employment please reference the email sent on Friday, April 3, titled “Answers to Your On Campus Summer Employment Questions”.

Please contact the Student Employment Office with any additional questions at seo@middlebury.edu or X5377.


What About Summer?

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Dear Students,

Wondering what you are going to do this summer?  Trying to decide if you should get a job at home or participate in an internship?  Wondering what your options are for staying at Midd?  It’s not too early to begin making plans.

The annual What About Summer? session sponsored by the Student Employment Office, Education in Action, and the International Student and Scholar Services will be held at 4:30pm in McCardell Bicentennial Hall 220, February 20th.

You will receive a lot of information to help you make your decision!

Student Employment

Further information about summer employment on campus will be available soon at:


Career Services

Visit the Career Services Office web site.  Access MOJO and check out their drop in hours.  They have oodles of information about internships.


International Student Scholar Services

Visit the ISSS office online to learn about Workshops, OPT, and more!