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MCSE Summer Grants – Apply NOW for $3000

The Middlebury Center for Social Entrepreneurship Summer Grant Application is now available!
The MCSE will provide up to three grants of $3,000 for students wishing to pursue social change projects. To be considered, a student (or group of students) must prepare a written description of the project (who, what, where, how) including expected outcomes and prospects for future impact (not to exceed two pages) as well as a budget for the $3,000 grant (budget not to exceed one page). Proposals should include pre-approval of all involved parties and organizations involved in the project. Students must include their own fundraising plan to complement Middlebury’s grant. 
The two-page proposal and one-page budget should be submitted electronically to the MCSE before or at 5:00 pm on Monday March 18, 2013. Email applications or questions to:
For more information on this year’s grant process or last year’s grant recipients, visit the MCSE Website or go/mcsegrants.

Support Local producers. Enjoy Delicious Foods. Shop on YourFarmStand today!

YourFarmstand at Middlebury College is still offering great local foods:

What it is:
YourFarmstand is an online farmers’ market specifically for the Middlebury College community.  In one location you can order from over 20 local producers with great selection of local produce, eggs, meat, cheese, bread, coffee, chocolate, tea, honey, pies, granola, and more! All of the produce is wonderful for making local meals, or for bringing home Vt foods to family during breaks.  This is a great way to support our local neighbors while enjoying their delicious foods!

How to sign up:

  • It’s simple!!! Visit to set up an account linked to a personal credit/debit card.
  • Charges cannot be applied directly to college budget codes.
  • Make sure you select the Middlebury College market.
  • Place your orders by midnight each Monday for pick-up at the Mahaney CFA between 3:30-5:30 every Tuesday.  *Orders not picked up by 5:30 are brought to the food bank and no refund is awarded.*

Learn more: 

Esme Lutz | Interwoven: Images of Rehwa

M Gallery is pleased to present “Interwoven: Images of Rehwa” a photo-documentary exhibition by Middlebury senior, Esme Lutz. In documenting the work of the Rehwa Society, Emse Lutz has created a body of visually appealing images with which to further awareness of Rehwa and draw attention to organizations that preserve cultural traditions while supporting underprivileged demographics.

Dates: 11.16.2012 – 12.2.2012

Opening: 11.16.2012 | 7-9pm

Contact Cha Tori for more information

MCSE Fall Speaker Series

The Middlebury Center for Social Entrepreneurship hosts a weekly speaker series. The speaker series allows students, staff, faculty, and community members to learn more about the field of social entrepreneurship and engage the topic. The remaining speakers in our fall series include:

Nov 9: Fail, Learn, Iterate: Lessons in Entrepreneurship by Lindsey Franklin ’07

Nov 16: Kenya Library Project by Kennedy Mutothori Mugo ‘12.5

Nov 30: Fighting Hunger in the Coffeelands by Colleen Bramhall ’00

Dec 7: New Leadership for a New World by John McKinley ’04

All talks are held on Fridays, from 12:30pm to 1:30pm in Axinn 219. For more information on the Middlebury Center for Social Entrepreneurship, please visit

Support Addison County Families in Need of Housing

Join the Volunteer Staff of the Charter House Winter Shelter

The Charter House Winter Shelter opened on November 1 and is home to 4 adults and 6 children. There is a critical need for more volunteers to help staff the facility 24/7. Working in pairs, volunteers typically serve 3-4 hour shifts at times of their choosing.

To volunteer
1) Fill out and submit the volunteer form Charter House Volunteer Application
2) Attend a volunteer training. Dates and times for training sessions for new volunteers are listed below. Training takes about 90 minutes.

Saturday, November 10 9:00 am Location: Charter House (27 North Pleasant Street, Middlebury)
Monday, November 12 9:00 am Location: Charter House (27 North Pleasant Street, Middlebury)
Monday, November 12 4:30 p.m. Location: on-campus in Ross B11 (downstairs from Ross Dining Hall)

To learn more or to request alternative training times, please contact Adam Schiff ’15 ( or Anoushka Sinha ’13 (

MCSE Summer Grant Recipient Presentations and Friday Talk

Middlebury Center for Social Entrepreneurship

Learn more at go/mcse or

Summer Grant Recipient Presentations

November 1, 2012 | 4:30 pm | Axinn 229

Join our summer grant recipients as they reflect on their work in the field of social entrepreneurship from Addison County, to Mexico, and Africa.

Leading for Shared Success

Chris Lloyd ’83 (Verizon Communications –  Executive Director – Public Policy & Corporate Responsibility)

The role of business in society is changing. Corporations are not focused on just making money.  The best corporate citizens view societal challenges as opportunities for business innovation and seek to create value for shareholders and for society.

Chris Lloyd ’83 will share insights regarding how Verizon is connecting its growth strategy to addressing some of society’s critical issues. You may not think of Verizon as a health care or energy company, but Chris will explain Verizon’s “Shared Success” strategy and how the company is using its broadband and wireless technology to enable solutions that improve the quality of health care and enable communities to improve their energy efficiency.

Fellowship Program: Middlebury Center for Social Entrepreneurship

The fellowship will be open to Sophomore Febs, Sophomores, and Junior Febs wanting to engage more intensely with the field of social entrepreneurship. The fellows will become a cohort during their sophomore year and learn collaboratively from each other, be enrolled in a winter term class on social entrepreneurship, integrate theory and practice, and will receive $10,000 to engage in two summers of relevant experiences. Applications can be found at go/mcsefellows. For more information, please see the attached information or contact

New iPad Mini

This new addition to the Apple family will be in the College Bookstore by next week.  This mini is now only 7.9 inches compared to its larger sibling which is 10 inches.  Apple wants the owner to experience the beautiful screen and enjoy all the capabilities of a regular iPad, so their screen is larger than a tablet for better viewing of movies, pictures and documents…and it is easier for reading and interacting with than on a tablet.  These new iPad mini’s also make the iPad more affordable now with the starting price of $329.00 for a 16GB WiFi only model versus the starting price of the regular iPad is $499.00 for the 16GB WiFi only model.  We can take pre-orders on them so you are guaranteed one as soon as they are in. The Holidays are Coming! Call us at 802/443-2038 for options.

Welcome Language School Students!

We would like to welcome the Language School Students.  We also wanted to let you know about our Apple Campus Store, where you can find all you Mac needs as well as bring your Mac in for repair.  We have our Apple Authorized Tech here Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the afternoon.

You will find the latest Mac’s here next week including the featured 15″ Mac with Retina Display.