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Trip the Rift and Leap into Motion

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Space and Motion

We will have the Oculus Rift and the LeapMotion available for faculty, students and staff to use next week at the following times and locations:

Tuesday, May 13th
The Wilson Media Lab in the Davis Family Library
From 11am until 3pm

Wednesday, May 14th
Room 205 in McCardell Bicentennial Hall
From 11am until 3pm

No appointment is necessary, these are open demos for anyone to attend. Other gadgets for virtual space and motion may be available.

Our colleagues in Communications will be demonstrating the Quadcopter outside the Davis Family Library at 2pm on Tuesday the 13th (if we have rain on Tuesday, they will be joining us at 2pm on Wednesday at McCardell Bicentennial Hall, specific location TBD.

Friday Links – April 18, 2014

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Photos: 15 gadgets to reduce your energy consumption - Earth Day is April 22, so it’s a great time to take a step back and look at your personal energy consumption.

The Truth About Google X: An Exclusive Look Behind the Secretive Lab’s Closed Doors – Space elevators, teleportation, hoverboards, and driverless cars: the top secret Google X innovation lab opens up about what it does–and how it thinks.

Benjamin Bratton on “What’s wrong with TED Talks?” A, er, TED talk …

“… This is taking something of substance and value and coring it out so it can be swallowed without chewing.  This is not how we’ll confront our most frightening problems. This is one of our most frightening problems. …” [around 2:00]

There are a lot of digital stories being told at Middlebury. Check out a few here.

13 Ways To Be A Great Public Speaker – Rehearsing your body language and getting proper rest are effective tactics for reducing public speaking anxiety and ensuring that you give a memorable presentation.

Friday Links – February 21, 2014

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10 Common Misconceptions About The Flipped Classroom – What have you heard about the flipped classroom? That it’s just the latest education fad? That it only works for certain academic subjects? It’s not uncommon to come across references in the web media to poorly informed and misconstrued ideas like these. Given the value and many benefits inherent in this powerful form of blended learning, it is important that these misconceptions be addressed and dispelled.


Sad Keanu Reeves.

One of the most popular 3D printed items on Shapeways is “Sad Keanu Reeves.” Image: neuralfirings/Shapeways

3D printing: 10 factors still holding it back – As promising as 3D printers seem, their usefulness is still questionable. High costs, safety concerns, patents, and design complexity are all contributing to legitimate skepticism.

Moodle Maintenance Notice For 2/28/14

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From Remote-Learner, our Moodle host:

In order to increase the resilience and reliability of our cloud platform we will be replacing our network firewalls. Upgrades on the firewalls will be conducted during the February 28th maintenance window between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., ET.

During most of this period your site will be operational, but there may be short periods of connection loss to the internet.

Friday Links – February 7, 2014

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10 ways alternative energy is about to change the way tech gets powered – Solar-powered laptops, edible battery power, spray-on solar panels, mini windmills: This may be a game-changing year for clean technology.

Solar Powered LapTop

Apple was just awarded a patent for a possible solar-powered MacBook display. Image: Apple/USPTO


Microsoft Names Satya Nadella Its New CEO: Nadella is the third CEO of Microsoft, and is expected to continue developing its cloud services.

BuzzFeed Style Guide: If you’ve ever wondered about style guidelines for the “language of the web,” Buzzfeed specifies writing google in all lowercase when used as a verb, inserting a hyphen in live-tweet, and writing smartphone as one word.

Two perspectives on how a scholarly journal – Cultural Anthropology – goes open access: “The PR side” from the Chronicle, and a deeper exploration of the economics and philosophy from Scholarly Kitchen.

Moodle Maintenance on Friday, October 4th from 2am-6am

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From our Moodle host:

Dear Valued Client,

In order to increase resilience and reliability of our cloud platform we will be migrating data within our server infrastructure. We will be performing maintenance during our October 4th maintenance window from 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., ET. During most of this period your site will be operational, cron will not be running; a brief loss of connectivity to the internet will occur at the end of the process.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Remote-Learner Technical Support

A busy lab

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a busy lab

a busy lab

Students fill the Wilson Media Lab in the Davis Family Library, completing media projects for the end of the semester. A good number of students in this picture are finishing up posters for their theses.

Multimedia Jobs at Middlebury College – Get paid to learn digital media!!

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Digital Media is looking for students who are interested in learning how to work with digital images, audio, video and animation.

Current openings:

Multimedia Lab Tutor Trainee

This is an introductory position where we teach you the nuts and bolts of digital media development. Learn how to create high quality images, starting with the scanning of slides and photographs, and moving into editing for print and web delivery.  Learn how to capture, edit and render video for DVD and web. Create digital animations with Flash.

Previous experience is not required.  This position is a pre-requisite for the Multimedia Lab Tutor position.


Summer Opportunities:

Multimedia Lab Tutor

Spend your summer creating websites, animations, and digital video. Projects include media collections, course website development, 3d scientific imaging and virtual world development.


For more information, contact Joe Antonioli (, Manager of Web and Interactive Media Technologies in the Davis Family Library, for an interview appointment.

Infrastructure Maintenance for Moodle and Measure

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We have received a message from Remote-Learner, our Moodle hosting company, that they will be doing some maintenance to improve the security of the service. Expect disruptions in service between 1-6am on Saturday, February 16th.

Dear Valued Client,

In order to install new security upgrades and additional security features, Remote-Learner’s IT technical support division has planned a five-hour maintenance. During the maintenance period internet connectivity may be briefly disrupted several times on February 16th from 1:00 am EST to 6:00 am EST.

The new upgrades and security features will provide additional hosting security for clients.  Ultimately, we believe that you will be pleased with the security updates, and we ask in advance that you accept our apologies for any inconvenience you may experience. We welcome your feedback on our efforts to continue to provide quality customer service and we request that you direct any questions and concerns related to this scheduled maintenance to Remote-Learner’s support division.


The Remote-Learner Team

A web site by any other name…

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Owners of blogs & web sites on Middlebury’s WordPress site were asked their opinion on a proposed change in the URL (address) of the site from “” to “”. The change was proposed to the Web Prioritization Committee as a way “…to provide faculty (and others) using WP as a content management system, personal website, research portfolio, conference proceedings, or other collection of information with a more neutral-sounding domain name than “””

We’ve had 179 responses to our two-question survey, which went out to 929 WP users.

The response to first question shows a 63% agreement rate (or an 85% non-disagree rate).

siteSurveyResultsThe second question was an optional “Why?” “Why not?” comment, and many respondents took the opportunity to explain their choices. There were 79 comments.

Typical of the “yes” respondents’ comments:

“Absolutely agree. While this does not change the essence of the thing, what something is called still carries a great weight – “sites” is a much more versatile term and lends greater freedom to this URL series. “

“ A blog has a reputation as something homegrown, of someone writing their thoughts on a particular topic. Sites sounds more like a neutral label as just something listed online. I like it.”

“I do not like to think of my site as a blog, as it has a lot of information that is not chronologically-ordered. This would be a terrific change!”


Some comments expressed valid concerns, here they are with an explanation of the impact:

“I think we might need to update every single go link for all the middgoal posts and middstart posts we have out there. Who knows what links the students have been promoting… Seems like a major pain for what really is a minor change. If there is a workaround for this that I don’t know about, then go for it.”

“I have been working for a long time at having people connect to my blog.  If you change it, all those links will be broken, and with it I will lose readership.”

There will be a permanent redirect for the new URLs, anyone clicking on the old URL will still visit your site. Also, sites with their own URL (,, etc.) without “blogs” in the URL will not see a change.

“…will this mess up google rankings, searching, etc.?”

There may be a minor impact on rankings, but factors like credible resources linking to your site have a higher impact. In addition, because of the change we made last January, you can still track your site in Google Analytics.


The Web Prioritization Committee approved this change at the January 24th meeting, we will let you know when the change will take place.