Help disadvantaged families in Ecuador!

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Hi, my name is Whitney Fletcher. I am a junior at Middlebury and am currently studying abroad in Ferrara, Italy. As part of my abroad experience, I am doing an internship at IBO Italia, a nonprofit organization that volunteers in different countries to help people in need. I am currently helping IBO fundraise a new project that aims to help disadvantaged families in Ecuador. Diseases and illnesses plague that area and cause deaths that can easily be avoided. The solution is simple: bigger, cleaner, and sturdier homes. IBO’s project will build a house large enough to fit 20 Andean families, which will provide them with the necessary shelter to lead a healthier lifestyle.
This project is also part of a larger goal, the Global Giving Challenge; if IBO raises enough money during the month of April, they will have the opportunity to become partners with Global Giving, a company aimed at helping nonprofits fundraise, and be able to utilize their resources in the future.
I am really excited about this project and want to help them raise as much money as they can to help both the families in Ecuador and IBO. I am posting here to ask for your contribution and help spreading the word. Any donation, large or small, will make a difference. It is really easy to donate – all you have to do is go to the website below and click on the amount you wish to give.
For more information on the project and challenge, I have posted the link for the Facebook page below:
With your help, we can give 20 Andean families homes that they deserve and help IBO reach out to more people in need in the future. 
Thank you!

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