Panther Discount on the New Handgun Mini

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Notice all the iPad Mini sales on Middnotes? Tired of sponsoring suicide safety nets for Chinese workers? Feeling the need for some real destruction? Think about how much more oppression you could perpetuate than just the slavery of Foxconn workers!

On Sale! Hand grenades! Uzis! Nuclear submarines! Rectangular Submarines! Triangular toasters! Extension cords! Contraction cords! Cheaper than the New iPad Mini, buy the new edition for your Congolese children – the Handgun Mini for only $328.99!

As Middlebury students you get the special Invested-In-Us™ discount!

Or, alternatively, come share your opinion and learn about divestment in the Warner Hemisphere at 4 PM Friday (10/26) at the Divestment General Assembly.

All students, staff and faculty are welcome to join.

For more information go/compassion or