Mac 101

We recently had a Switching to Mac Workshop for those Mac users who needed to brush up on their Mac skills and for others who needed help from the bottom up, the beginners or the want-to-be Mac owners looking for some lessons before they entered into the new frontier of the Mac OS X simplicity.  We were told it was very informative.

The next day however, I was approached by an attendee who needed more in-depth help.  I showed some basics with our Mac’s at the Apple Desk in the Bookstore and then sent the individual to Mac 101- the Grand Tour Introduction.  You can actually start with Mac 101 which is a Getting Started with Mac tutorial assistance link provided by Apple. There is also a Mac 101- Mac Essentials which includes helpful pictures.

After you’re more comfortable with the basics, you can visit Mac 101- All Work and Play for help with different applications like TextEdit, Safari, File sharing, iChat, VoiceOver and many other fun apps.  So for those of you out there, who would like more tutorial instructional assistance, just follow the links provided for a look into the other world, allusive to some, the world of Mac OS X.