Exciting legislation passed

My Fellow Students,

It is my pleasure to officially inform you that both the Pass/D/Fail System bill and the YouPower Bike Room and FIC gym bill passed through the Student Government Association Senate last night.

The Cook Commons Senator Michael Polebaum ’12 presented the monumental Pass/D/Fail system bill to a very receptive Senate. The bill passed through the Senate unanimously leading to the completion of the first major step to making this resolution a reality;  however, this piece of legislation still needs your support. If a Pass/D/Fail system is important to you, I strongly encourage you to talk to your professors and urge them to support this initiative as it will be reviewed by the administration and faculty over J-term and the Spring semester.

Additionally, Senior Senator Brittany Gendron ’12 presented the YouPower Bike Room and FIC Gym bill last night, which passed through the Senate with an overwhelming majority. The legislation aims to have an electricity generating spin bike room and annex gym implemented in FIC during the Spring semester.

Last night (November 20) was an exciting meeting with two pieces of significant legislation being passed. If you missed the action, last night’s Student Government Association Senate meeting was video recorded and will be available on the SGA website soon.

I hope that you all have an enjoyable break. Happy Thanksgiving!

Vincent A. Recca ’12
President, SGA