YouPower: A Bikeroom that Produces Electricity

Hola Students!

Do you want to get a hot bod? Impress your proctor crush? Avoid waiting a bajillion years at the gym for a machine? AND produce electricity for the school!? AWESOME. Cause we want to make it all happen for you. Here’s how: We want to open a bike room on campus that will PRODUCE electricity. But first, we need to see if you guys are into that… So please take UNDER SIXTY SECONDS to fill out this interest survey of only 10 questions so we can get this project rolling (heheh … no pun intended)

Also, if you’ve got questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, or funny jokes, or would like to get involved in this project in any way, contact Astrid at!

In case the link doesn’t work here it is:

Student Government Association