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    Oratory4 The Case for Oratory
    This J-term class was on a mission: to move oratory to the forefront of the conversation.

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    splash welcome to 60s Hairspray: The Making of a J-term Musical
    Each year Middlebury's music department stages a full-blown musical in three weeks. MiddMag takes a look behind the scenes at this year's production of "Hairspray."

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    whistlers_group Whistle While You Workshop
    You think you know how to whistle? Wait until you see Yuki Takeda ’14 and his J-term whistling workshop.

      jterm J-term: In Five Words
      Throughout January, as students, staff and faculty adjust to the change in pace of J-term, the editorial staff of Middlebury Magazine will make its way around the campus to discover just what goes on during this month.