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ed note_CMYKu Editor’s Note: The Conversation This can't wait—there's something we need to talk about.

(Front Row) Claudia Huerta '18, Charles Rainey '19; (Back Row) Debanjan Roychoudhury '16, Nia Robinson '19, Molly McShane '16, Shuba Maniram '18 Let’s Talk About Race As racial conflict unfolds on college campuses across the country, Middlebury wrestles with tensions of its own.

LaurieWEB Old Chapel: The Next Level of Discussion This has been a year of uncomfortable conversations on campus. And that makes me comfortable.

Temple Pursuits: First Impressions That movie trailer you just watched? It was probably the handiwork of Nick Temple '99.

RoadTakenWeb Road Taken: Food Matters Recalling the dawn of a food movement at Middlebury.

Rana Stand and Deliver Rana Abdelhamid ’15 has learned to stare down bigotry and xenophobia. And now she’s teaching a generation of American women to do the same.

UnTapped_Middlebury The Gospel According to Ted How Ted King ’05 and his entrepreneurial cohort of outdoor enthusiasts seek to upend the market for athletic fuel.