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Bye, Bye Love Breakups are hard enough. But when the relationship was born in Middlebury, the uncoupling can be that much more difficult.

Editor’s Note: Taking the Ice The editor joins a winter term workshop, intending to learn how to skate.

How He Won Political scientist Matt Dickinson intended to spend his sabbatical writing the definitive work on the Obama White House staff. Instead, his leave year was dedicated to chronicling one of the most improbable candidacies for the American presidency.

Old Chapel: A Sense of Belonging Middlebury's president emphasizes what it means to belong.

Pursuits: The Shopkeeper Steeped in comic book culture and possessing a keen sense of community, Cade Schreger '15 relies on both as the owner of a Brooklyn comic book store.

Return to Freedom You probably know the story of Solomon Northup, the freeborn African-American man who was sold into slavery, enduring 12 years of unimaginable horror. But what do you know about his rescuer, a member of the Middlebury Class of 1829?

Road Taken: Let’s Give It a Name There is a mountain peak on the Long Trail in Vermont with quite the backstory.

The Prisoner Theo Padnos ’91 spent nearly two years captive in an al-Qaeda prison in Syria. It was Vermont that saved him.