Winter 2014

    Middlebury College President Ron Leibovitz at Mead Chapel Liebowitz Presidency to End in 2015; Board to Restructure
    On an eventful day in December, President Ronald D. Liebowitz announced that he would be leaving at the end of his term on June 30, 2015, and that the Board of Trustees was revising its governance structure.

      'M' at work Old Chapel: Board, Restructured
      President Liebowitz discusses radical changes to trustee governance in this issue's Q&A.

        RoadTaken Road Taken: On Teaching
        An alumna returns to teach a winter-term course—and contemplates all that goes with the assignment.

          Curry Pursuits: Vision Quest
          Inside the mind and studio of an Emmy-winning visual effects supervisor.

            David "Donnie" Donaldson, skier Uncle Donnie Takes On the World
            Skier David Donaldson '13 takes a leap of faith, from the carnival circuit to the World Cup

              David "Donnie" Donaldson, skier Update: Uncle Donnie’s Dream On Hold
              David Donaldson’s pursuit of a spot on the Canadian team for the Sochi Games came to sudden and painful end in Val d’Isere, France, on January 21.

                Middlebury College student hunters John Montgomery '14, Katherine McFarren '14, and Alexander Cort '14 (L-R) The Call of the Wild
                What does it mean to be a Middlebury student—and a dedicated hunter?