Winter 2013

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Nordic Coach Andrew Gardner talks NCAAs
Nordic Coach Andrew Gardner discusses his team and the upcoming NCAA Championship, hosted at Middlebury College March 6 - 9

    Mo’s Nobel
    A writer remembers meeting Mo Yan—before the Nobel

      Language, In Depth: Why the Nation Needs a Strategic Language Reserve
      Not a paradox: Americans need to learn other languages; the rest of the world needs to understand English.

        Language, in Depth: Living with Dyslexia
        What do you do when the words on the page don't look like words at all?

          Language, in Depth: The Digital Scene
          How is technology changing the way we learn second languages?

            Language, in Depth: What is the Meaning of “Meaning”?
            Philosophy professor John Spackman tackles this head-scratching question.

              By All Appearances
              Dwayne Nash '99 was once part of the legal institution he now seeks to reform.

                The Mother Tongue
                The vice president of the Navajo Nation explains the inter-relationship between language and culture.

                  Vignette: Around the Clock
                  Each issue, The Observer illuminates a corner of Middlebury, offering glimpses of life in Vermont, at a school abroad, or along the coast of California. In this issue, our chronicler visits the Davis Family Library during exam week.

                    Old Chapel: Language History
                    President Liebowitz on the importance of language education at Middlebury.

                      Whither Courtly Love
                      A writer comes to terms with the now-controversial concept.

                        Teaching the American Negro Spiritual
                        François Clemmons and the History of the American Negro Spiritual.