Summer 2014

    Map: The Trail Around Middlebury
    The Trail Around Middlebury celebrates a silver anniversary

      Road Taken: Finding Mom
      Following the death of her mother, a writer makes a discovery about loss.

        Guide to Summer Reading: On Our Faculty’s Nightstands
        With the summer months meaning a hiatus from the classroom for most Middlebury faculty, we were curious to learn what books they would choose to help pass the time.

          Guide to Summer Reading: A Conversation with Michael Paterniti
          The noted journalist and author talks storytelling, epic journeys, and the importance of slowing down.

            Cover Essay: What to Read?
            What should you be reading this summer? Jay Parini has some ideas on the topic.

              Colophon: The Politics of Torture
              The Library’s Special Collections recently purchased a 17th-century book about torture that contributed to an international crisis. History professor Ian Barrow, who will use the book in his courses, explains why.

                Download: Why I Love Cycling
                A professor of Spanish explains what it is about cycling that he loves so much.

                  Up Front: Faculty Votes Against K12
                  At a meeting on May 13,the faculty of Middlebury College voted 95-16 in favor of a nonbinding motion calling on Middlebury to end its relationship with K12, Inc

                    The Challenger
                    Can Shenna Bellows ’97 stun the political establishment by upsetting an entrenched incumbent and winning a U.S. Senate seat in Maine?

                      Once considered an ancient practice, midwifery is experiencing a resurgence across the United States.

                        Old Chapel: The Liberal Arts Plus
                        President Liebowitz answers questions about his 2014 Baccalaureate address, "The Liberal Arts Plus."