Summer 2012

    Old Chapel: Advisory Shift
    The case for listening to the younger generation.

      The Mayfly
      What did Hurricane Irene do the mayfly population in Addison County?

        Come Hell or High Water
        An alumni couple's business faces the wrath of Hurricane Irene.

          Water Matters
          A noted environmental journalist—and Middlebury scholar in residence—weighs in on a matter of utmost importance.

            Download: Why I Love Lady Gaga
            Ok, I don't really. But here is something to admire about her.

              The Black Hole Outburst
              Boom! Did you hear that?

                Editor’s Note
                Matt Jennings and his water epiphany

                  His Holiness Returns. Again.
                  This fall, Middlebury welcomes back the Dalai Lama to campus.

                    Vignette: Inside the Halls of Science
                    Four times a year, The Observer will illuminate a corner of Middlebury, offering a glimpse of life in Vermont, at a school abroad, or along the coast of California. For this issue, our chronicler visits McCardell Bicentennial Hall and records these scenes.

                      Fact Finder: Top of the Heap
                      Middlebury captures its first Directors' Cup.

                        Numbers: Internship Funding
                        The skinny on internship funding.

                          Dialogue: Recycle This
                          Digging deep into the recycling bin.

                            Map: Middlebury in the World
                            An artist's rendering of Middlebury in the world.

                              Colophon: Ellen’s Page
                              The significance behind this Bread Loaf "classic."

                                One Moment, Please (video)
                                A glimpse at the 2012 commencement

                                  Pursuits: Motherboard
                                  Meet Becky Worley '92, the consumer's guide to all things tech.

                                    Almost Famous
                                    Astri von Arbin Ahlander ’07, Lucas Kavner ’06, and Evan Dumouchel ’06 take us behind the scenes and beneath the hood of the Days of Yore.

                                      In the Queue: A House Divided
                                      New music, new books for the summer.

                                        Short Story: Old Glory
                                        What did flagpole duty entail for Chris White '63 in the 1960s? The first of our "Short Story" cartoons.

                                        • Audio

                                        A Wedding in Haiti (Audio)
                                        Listen to Julia Alvarez '71 read from her latest book A Wedding in Haiti.