The Life and Times of Rick Hodes
    The worlds of medicine and faith converge in Ethiopia.

      We Cannot Afford to Walk Away
      A meditation on race, equality, and humanity

        A Tale of Two Writers
        Jay Parini has never shied away from literary challenges—novels about Melville and Tolstoy, definitive biographies of Frost, Steinbeck, and Faulkner. He even wrote a biography of Jesus.  But capturing the life of Gore Vidal would be different. Because Parini is part of the story. 

          Cover Essay: Waiting in the Wings
          Middlebury's ornithological teaching collection is not only beautiful—it was nearly consigned to the dustbin of history.

            The Art of Birds
            In his natural history courses, Professor Stephen Trombulak has been using a 19th-century ornithological collection ever since he discovered the treasure buried in the far reaches of an overcrowded College storage room. And that’s just the beginning of this fascinating tale.

              Welcome, Laurie Patton
              On July 1, Laurie Patton showed up for her first day of work. We were there.

                Modern Love
                Increasingly discouraged by her failure to engage in a committed relationship in college, a young woman decided to explore the topic at greater depth in her senior thesis. She found out that she was far from alone.

                  The Business of Beer
                  Making a living brewing craft beer requires precision, science, business savvy, and more than a touch of zaniness.

                    Old Chapel: Hello, Middlebury
                    Middlebury's 17th president arrives on campus.

                      Road Taken: Serving Me Well
                      Finding one's way in the world while waiting tables

                        Pursuits: Happy Tails
                        A retired minister, Ken Parker '62 now tends to quite a different flock.

                          Rare Dream
                          How does one become a rare-book dealer? Dan Whitmore '03 has quite the story.

                            Island Time
                            A graduating senior learns to slow down and live in the now.

                              The Champ
                              The sportswriting of W.C. Heinz '37 is now available in one terrific volume.

                                The Liebowitz Years: Tributes
                                Remembering a president, a neighbor, a teacher, and a colleague

                                  The Liebowitz Years: Leading with Conviction
                                  How Middlebury’s 16th president shaped the institution.

                                    The Liebowitz Years: A Vision Realized
                                    The special partnership that preserved Bread Loaf for the ages.

                                      Code Breaker
                                      Geneticist Heidi Rehm ’93 is at the forefront of a genetic revolution in medicine, which may eventually lead to personalized care based on individual DNA.

                                        On The Hunt
                                        For 72 hours in late January, a campus becomes consumed with the unusual.

                                          Road Taken: My Close-Up
                                          Russ Leng '60 has called classrooms his home for more than 60 years. So what could make teaching a new experience for him?

                                            Under Pressure
                                            An international correspondent examines the nature of courage.

                                              Run to the Roar
                                              Eight personal tales of unshrinking bravery

                                                Pursuits: Dancing Queen
                                                Most people don't associate the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire with Middle Eastern Dance. That is, until they meet Gina Capossela '87.

                                                  Pop Cultured
                                                  Encountering Warhol in the Museum of Art.

                                                    Old Chapel: Looking Ahead
                                                    President Liebowitz talks about future challenges for the liberal arts.