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    WagtailWEB Cover Essay: Waiting in the Wings
    Middlebury's ornithological teaching collection is not only beautiful—it was nearly consigned to the dustbin of history.

      OwlWEB The Art of Birds
      In his natural history courses, Professor Stephen Trombulak has been using a 19th-century ornithological collection ever since he discovered the treasure buried in the far reaches of an overcrowded College storage room. And that’s just the beginning of this fascinating tale.

        2015balbusso_loversWEB Modern Love
        Increasingly discouraged by her failure to engage in a committed relationship in college, a young woman decided to explore the topic at greater depth in her senior thesis. She found out that she was far from alone.

          FLWEB3 The Business of Beer
          Making a living brewing craft beer requires precision, science, business savvy, and more than a touch of zaniness.