Editors Choice

    Road Taken: Let’s Give It a Name
    There is a mountain peak on the Long Trail in Vermont with quite the backstory.

      Road Taken: Déjà Vu
      A bombing in Paris jolts painful memories for a writer.

        The Life and Times of Rick Hodes
        The worlds of medicine and faith converge in Ethiopia.

          We Cannot Afford to Walk Away
          A meditation on race, equality, and humanity

            Road Taken: Serving Me Well
            Finding one's way in the world while waiting tables

              Old Chapel: Looking Ahead
              President Liebowitz talks about future challenges for the liberal arts.

                Felix Against the Barbarians
                Felix Batista '77 was a master at negotiating the release of kidnap victims, right up to the moment he disappeared.

                  Serene Velocity
                  Ted Perry enters retirement as only he knows how.

                    Dalai Lamas—in History and in Person
                    What is a Dalai Lama? And how is His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama different from (and similar to) the previous 13?

                      Academy Honors
                      When the American Academy of Arts & Sciences announced its 2012 class, volcanologist Kathy Cashman ’76 was on the list.

                        Thank You, Mr. Neuberger
                        A writer fondly remembers a man who changed her life.

                          Food For Thought
                          At an October 14 gathering during Fall Family Weekend, a panel of students, faculty, and parents in the food field discussed with a large audience how a proposed new food studies minor could enrich the liberal arts at Middlebury.

                            How did you get here, Moriel Rothman ’11?
                            An annual series produced by the Middlebury Fellows in Narrative Journalism

                              The Envelope Please…
                              Middlebury Magazine has just learned that we've been honored with awards for design, editorial, and general excellence.

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                              Voice Over Middlebury
                              It's pleasant, it's reassuring, and it hasn't changed since the 1990s. Meet the telephone voice of the College.