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    Grovers Some Kind of Place: Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire
    This issue, we take you on a journey, a journey in search of . . . place.

      SouthSudanBorder Some Kind of Place: South Sudan/Congo Border
      This issue, we take you on a journey, a journey in search of . . . place.

        2013-08-03 The Storm Some Kind of Place: Nuiqsut, Alaska
        This issue, we take you on a journey, a journey in search of . . . place.

          Midd Some Kind of Place: Middlebury, Vermont
          This issue, we take you on a journey, a journey in search of . . . place.

            storm After the Storm
            What does it take to rebuild from the largest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded?

              Middlebury-Vintage-Football-v2 And Then There Was Football
              From the archives: One of this country's most storied sports writers recalls the eventful fall of 1936

                SB Pursuits: Stage of Life
                For Sheyenne Brown '09, being an actor means taking someone's real, unvarnished story and making it her own.

                  Jim_Bruce_featured_image Money for Nothing?
                  Meet the director of the documentary that has set the financial world buzzing.

                    chickens Coop Dreams
                    Of raising boys and chickens

                      Pins-sized Archive: Blue Ribbon Days
                      What did college loyalty mean in the 1890s?

                        skinny_pancake Editor’s Note: Full Fare
                        Traveling through the Burlington airport just got a whole lot more pleasant.

                          CastPhoto Colophon: What Cicero Said
                          What does a Classics scholar see when she looks at this 100-year-old photo from the Middlebury Campus?

                            BreakingBad Download: Why I Love Breaking Bad
                            Film and media scholar Jason Mittell explains why he loves Breaking Bad

                              LOOKING-FOR-AMERICA Looking for America
                              A student sets off to find America, and discovers that he's in search of self, as well.

                                logroller Pursuits: On a Roll
                                Inside the competitive world of...logrolling

                                  realman In the Queue: A Man’s World
                                  From our summer reading selection

                                    WalksWithSierra In the Queue: The Gift of Friendship
                                    From our summer reading selection

                                      Kafumbe The Score
                                      For an ethnomusicologist, music without context just doesn’t sing.

                                        berries Food for Thought
                                        Changing the way we think about food at Middlebury.

                                          FactFinder Fact Finder: Survey Says
                                          The College asked alums what they thought of their Midd experience. A snapshot of the results.

                                            the-leap--final Old Chapel: Alumni Thoughts
                                            President Liebowitz digs in to the recent alumni survey results.

                                              Dialogue Dialogue: Divest?
                                              Should Middlebury divest its endowment of fossil fuel investments. Two students debate the issue.

                                                40597_11_12_VergennesLaundry18073 The Art of Perfection
                                                What does it take to succeed—on your own terms—in the bakery business?

                                                  goat Consider the Goat
                                                  Let us introduce you to a movement that seeks to narrow the chasm between Americans and where their food comes from.

                                                    StrawberryBasket Eating Well
                                                    In Vermont and beyond, we can eat and live well and deliberately at the same time