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    PursuitsWeb Pursuits: On the Road
    For physician Bob Friedman '68, each work day requires two things: his black medicine bag and a full tank of gas.

      coatesweb The Foreign Student
      A journalist embarks on a voyage into the unknown.

        apeweb A Planet Without Apes
        Peter Walsh ’82 believes that wild gorillas and chimpanzees face ecological extinction unless we radically rethink conventional conservation strategies.

          rabbit1 Animal Tales
          A guided tour through animal literature, with Professor Antonia Losano leading the way.

            kingWeb Paging Doctor King
            Being a veterinary surgeon in a 24-hour animal hospital means each day's cases are unlike the last.

              Timeline: Town & Gown
              During the past decade, Middlebury College has engaged with the local community on a number of landmark initiatives: 2004 The College and the town renegotiate a “payment in lieu of taxes” (PILOT) agreement in which the College will make an annual contribution to the town, the sum of which is tied to the performance of […]

                harlowWeb Cover Essay: What’s on His Mind?
                Tapping into the thought process of our furry friends.

                  MooseWeb Wild Moose Chase
                  In search of Vermont's most mysterious creature.

                    StameshkinWeb Regarding Stameshkin
                    When Stameshkin—the man, not the proper noun—comes around.

                      Sum14_Map_final Map: The Trail Around Middlebury
                      The Trail Around Middlebury celebrates a silver anniversary

                        momfinal Road Taken: Finding Mom
                        Following the death of her mother, a writer makes a discovery about loss.

                          OPENER Guide to Summer Reading: On Our Faculty’s Nightstands
                          With the summer months meaning a hiatus from the classroom for most Middlebury faculty, we were curious to learn what books they would choose to help pass the time.

                            Paterniti Guide to Summer Reading: A Conversation with Michael Paterniti
                            The noted journalist and author talks storytelling, epic journeys, and the importance of slowing down.

                              COVER-ESSAY Cover Essay: What to Read?
                              What should you be reading this summer? Jay Parini has some ideas on the topic.

                                MassacreSpread Colophon: The Politics of Torture
                                The Library’s Special Collections recently purchased a 17th-century book about torture that contributed to an international crisis. History professor Ian Barrow, who will use the book in his courses, explains why.

                                  IZI0030535 Download: Why I Love Cycling
                                  A professor of Spanish explains what it is about cycling that he loves so much.

                                    Up Front: Faculty Votes Against K12
                                    At a meeting on May 13,the faculty of Middlebury College voted 95-16 in favor of a nonbinding motion calling on Middlebury to end its relationship with K12, Inc

                                      Shenna_Bellows_005 The Challenger
                                      Can Shenna Bellows ’97 stun the political establishment by upsetting an entrenched incumbent and winning a U.S. Senate seat in Maine?

                                        midwifery2 Rebirth
                                        Once considered an ancient practice, midwifery is experiencing a resurgence across the United States.

                                          The-Liberal-Arts-Plus-final- Old Chapel: The Liberal Arts Plus
                                          President Liebowitz answers questions about his 2014 Baccalaureate address, "The Liberal Arts Plus."

                                            ideas.cover.cmyk The Big Idea(s)
                                            Contemplating Middlebury's contributions to society.

                                                inthequeue In the Queue
                                                With his debut novel, James Scott '99 has literary types talking about a rising star

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                                                mikaela How Did You Get Here, Mikaela Perry ’14
                                                  An annual series produced by the Middlebury Fellows in Narrative Journalism.

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                                                miguel How Did You Get Here, Miguel Castillo ‘17.5?
                                                An annual series produced by the Middlebury Fellows in Narrative Journalism.