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    OratoryWeb Orational Thought
    The revival of a 200-year-old speech competition gets prime-time trappings. And it just might change the curriculum.

      7DaysRoutlyweb The Secret to the Success of Seven Days
      How Paula Routly ’82 and her band of journalists have flourished in a field where so many others have floundered.

        Kate Brutlag Follette '04 Pursuits: The Newborn
        For an astrophysicist who hunts for planets in other solar systems, there's nothing more exciting than discovering one being born.

          RoadTakenWeb Road Taken: Déjà Vu
          A bombing in Paris jolts painful memories for a writer.

            LaurieWEB Old Chapel: The Big Ask
            On encouraging students to find their voice.

              EdNoteWeb Editor’s Note: Hear Here
              Sounds of summer in Middlebury.

                Temple Pursuits: First Impressions
                That movie trailer you just watched? It was probably the handiwork of Nick Temple '99.

                  RoadTakenWeb Road Taken: Food Matters
                  Recalling the dawn of a food movement at Middlebury.

                    ed note_CMYKu Editor’s Note: The Conversation
                    This can't wait—there's something we need to talk about.

                      LaurieWEB Old Chapel: The Next Level of Discussion
                      This has been a year of uncomfortable conversations on campus. And that makes me comfortable.

                        (Front Row) Claudia Huerta '18, Charles Rainey '19; (Back Row) Debanjan Roychoudhury '16, Nia Robinson '19, Molly McShane '16, Shuba Maniram '18 Let’s Talk About Race
                        As racial conflict unfolds on college campuses across the country, Middlebury wrestles with tensions of its own.

                          Rana Stand and Deliver
                          Rana Abdelhamid ’15 has learned to stare down bigotry and xenophobia. And now she’s teaching a generation of American women to do the same.

                            UnTapped_Middlebury The Gospel According to Ted
                            How Ted King ’05 and his entrepreneurial cohort of outdoor enthusiasts seek to upend the market for athletic fuel.

                              yang_milddleburg Uncloaked
                                About halfway through a campus discussion on cultural appropriation and community standards, students, when given the microphone, began by introducing themselves. Hi, I’m Annie. Hello, I’m Victor. Hi, I’m Peter. At first I thought folks were being polite, demonstrating that while we’re a small campus, it’s not safe to assume everyone knows everyone else. […]

                                LaurieWEB Old Chapel: Vibrant Research at a Liberal Arts Institution
                                Laurie Patton's column from the winter 2016 issue.

                                  CurtisforWeb Pursuits: The Chaplain
                                  His grandfather was an officer in the Navy and his father was a pastor. Dan Curtis '87 is both.

                                    Munroe On a Sea of Stone
                                    The way geology professor Jeff Munroe navigates Utah’s Uinta Mountains and other landscapes reveals something about what it means to be a Middlebury teacher and researcher

                                      ResearchforWeb The Research Paradigm
                                      Debunking the myth that serious research doesn't exist at a liberal arts college.

                                        AspenforWeb Can a Place Like Aspen Go Green?
                                        In a posh resort town where private jets zip in and out, Matthew Hamilton ’95 has an answer for all the skeptics out there.

                                          KellyforWb What It Means to Be Kelly Brush
                                          A decade removed from a ski-racing accident that left her paralyzed, a young woman navigates a new course.

                                            awakening Road Taken: Awakening
                                            Canoeing from Buffalo to New York City, a Middlebury student gets a lesson in scale.

                                              Hodes The Life and Times of Rick Hodes
                                              The worlds of medicine and faith converge in Ethiopia.

                                                Dena1 We Cannot Afford to Walk Away
                                                A meditation on race, equality, and humanity

                                                  Vidal-Opener-Final A Tale of Two Writers
                                                  Jay Parini has never shied away from literary challenges—novels about Melville and Tolstoy, definitive biographies of Frost, Steinbeck, and Faulkner. He even wrote a biography of Jesus.  But capturing the life of Gore Vidal would be different. Because Parini is part of the story. 

                                                    WagtailWEB Cover Essay: Waiting in the Wings
                                                    Middlebury's ornithological teaching collection is not only beautiful—it was nearly consigned to the dustbin of history.