Things That Happened, Things To Do: Week of October 24

Our regular recap of goings on at the College and a look ahead to events on the horizon.

 As always, we hope to call your attention to items that captured ours and alert you to events that you won’t want to miss. If you have a news item that you think we’d be interested in, drop us a line at

  • We’re still two months (and change) away from the first U.S. presidential primary, yet our airwaves are filled with seemingly nonstop political chatter. If you’re tired of sound-byte, flavor-of-the-week journalism, we’d like to offer a more thoughtful and (gasp!) non-partisan take on presidential politics. This week, poli-sci professor Matt Dickinson blogged about the issue of whether anyone is truly prepared to be president. Meanwhile, Professor Dickinson has been so kind as to pair up with his colleague, Bert Johnson, for what we hope will be a series of discussions about the 2012 race for the White House.

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