On The Ground in Haiti

When a major earthquake struck in southern Haiti on January 12, causing massive destruction and an estimated 250,000 deaths, Conor Shapiro ’03 was in his office at the St. Boniface hospital, about 90 miles away. His family, however, was at their house in one of the hardest hit areas of Port-Au-Prince, so as soon as possible, Conor rushed to evacuate them. He witnessed the destruction in the city firsthand and gave an eyewitness account by phone with Fox.

Conor has been in Haiti since he graduated, first teaching English and volunteering for the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation, then signing on as their program director. Now St. Boniface’s director general, he and his coworkers are in the thick of the relief efforts. Not only has their hospital become responsible for receiving patients from the USNS Comfort Navy hospital ship for post-op care, the foundation is providing critical health-care services for everyone from pregnant women to malnourished children. To learn more about their efforts, visit www.haitihealth.org/index.php/news.

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