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Spirit at Middlebury is as inescapable as the warmth from a roaring bonfire at a homecoming rally or the sound of chapel bells ringing before supper. There is spirit everywhere and the facets of spirit are many. One can’t help feeling the suspense in sports and the excitement of social life. The arts instill us with a spirit much akin to that of religion. By our traditions we are bound to the Spirit of the past. From them all comes the spirit of learning during our four years at Midd, not just learning from the past, or in the present, but learning for the future. Together they make up that which is peculiar to Midd – “The Old Midd Spirit.””

-Middlebury Kaleidoscope, 1950


While athletic traditions and school pride are not phenomena unique to Middlebury College, this excerpt from the sesquicentennial edition of the Kaleidoscope describes the distinct attitude that makes up “The Old Midd Spirit.” While specific athletic rituals contribute to the history of Middlebury’s athletic traditions, the ways in which Midd students approach sports make our school spirit something special. This blog will explore this approach through an investigation of spirit, community, and rivalry oriented traditions at Middlebury.

-Louis-Mathieu Bélisle ’14 and Madeline Marsh ’15

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