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New Vandalism

Middlebury is ending the semester awash not only with hard discussions on stress and appropriation, but with a new surge of tree vandalism. Four trees have been vandalized in the last four days.… Read More

Vandalism Reward

Two  nights, three trees trashed. Once again, all around the Atwater dorms. More and more, I’m convinced that it is either one student, or a small group. As spring creeps along, the damage… Read More

My Latest Heartbreak

No, not the song by the 22-20’s. The plant vandalism on campus continues. We’re on year four, and I’ve been trying to document all the cases. The tally stands at 62 incidents in… Read More

New Year, More Damage

I was asked (and jumped at the chance) to join Community Council this year, and was in a meeting last Monday when I was asked if there was any vandalism this year to… Read More

The Return of the Vandal(s)

We are not alone, for better or for worse. The Burlington Free Press on Sunday wrote an excellent article entitled “Taking it out on Trees: Vandals go out on a Limb“. In it,… Read More


7-18-6. Not a fertilizer label, but an accounting of the fall semester at Middlebury. Seven-the  number of weekends in a row we’ve seen vandalism against trees. 18-the total number of trees affected. And… Read More

New School Year, New Vandalism

Personally, I was hoping we were done with this. I’m as tired of writing of it as you are of reading. Since the school year started, our landscape department has seen an additional… Read More

More Vandalism

I read with interest the recent article in the Middlebury Campus on the increase in vandalism this year, as I completely agree. We’ve recently lost another tree to senseless idiocy, this one a… Read More

Plant Vandalism

The final straw came late last week, at about 3:15 in the morning. Nancy my (wonderfullypatientforputtingupwithme) wife, is a night cook at the Grille. While she was crawling into bed after work, she… Read More

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