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Some Late Fall Color

We’re in the bitter end of fall here, at least in terms of foliage. To me, this is when trees really start to shine. Maybe it’s all the bare trees nearby, or the… Read More

Best Addition to the Landscape 2010

Everybody has been talking about it, and I know I’m late to the party in posting a picture of the mural on the back of Wright Theater. What I wanted to post, though,… Read More

Shade Plantings, and a new Service Building look

Landscape books often write about shade as a “problem”, or give chapters on “solutions” for shady locations. I think that’s crazy talk. Shade plantings require a slightly different mindset, like stepping two feet… Read More

Tree Planting 2010

Of all the work we do here in the landscape department, some of the best is the tree planting. Think of our landscape at Middlebury as a living organism, changing and evolving. Trees… Read More

New Planting for Pearson Hall

One of my frequent failings in landscaping is my overall excitement when starting a job, especially here at Middlebury. So much of the work we do in the department for new plantings is… Read More

More Vandalism

I read with interest the recent article in the Middlebury Campus on the increase in vandalism this year, as I completely agree. We’ve recently lost another tree to senseless idiocy, this one a… Read More

Most Beautiful Parking Lot, Ever.

Is there a contest out there for most beautiful parking lot? I can’t seem to google one, but if one turns up, I’m nominating the the Mahaney Center for the Arts parking lot-the… Read More

More Art in the Landscape

While I’ve already proven my failure as an Art Critic, I still enjoy the end of the term, when outside art projects start appearing overnight, and I feel like I should share them… Read More

Leaves Emerging

“What a rich book might be made about buds and, perhaps, sprouts!” Henry David Thoreau  

Plant Vandalism

The final straw came late last week, at about 3:15 in the morning. Nancy my (wonderfullypatientforputtingupwithme) wife, is a night cook at the Grille. While she was crawling into bed after work, she… Read More

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