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The Vermont Flower Show

Much like the Shameless Commerce division of Car Talk, I’m veering slightly from the ‘educational institution’ blog to plug one of the finest things you should be doing this winter, which is attending… Read More

The True way leaves fall

I was all wrong in my previous post on Leaf Color, the how, why, and when of leaf drop. Sorry about that. Take a little break from work, and watch this video for… Read More

Leaves Emerging

“What a rich book might be made about buds and, perhaps, sprouts!” Henry David Thoreau  

Leaf Blowers-An Apology, of sorts

Landscaping is pretty non-controversial, for the most part. After all, we’re out there, in all weather, making things better. Healthier trees, mown grass, clean and safe walkways, to name just a couple of… Read More

Black Willow

The Black Willow that fell over by Battell has been written about in Middlebury Magazine. It’s a great article for a lost friend. For pictures of the tree, as well as the first… Read More

Art Around Campus

Around the end of the term, our department starts seeing all sorts of outdoor art appear out of nowhere. It generally seems to involve trees, with varying degrees of consternation on our part.… Read More

Early Spring Work

Any good gardener knows this is the best time of year for working. It’s cold, only about 50 degrees, the wind is strong, and the ground is wet and very cold, but who… Read More

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