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No-Mow at Richard Stockton

I recently received an email from Jessica Okazaki, from the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, asking about Middlebury’s no-mow program. She is interested in starting a similar project at her school. Read… Read More

No Mow Year Three

Well, we mowed the no-mow again (loving the oxymoron), as it was due for its spring knockdown. Like I’ve seen in quite a few farmers fields this year, it actually wasn’t a great… Read More

Poison Parsnip

The poison parsnip is starting to bloom on roadsides, and, being one of those plants I get asked about (and emailed about), I thought I’d fill you in on the nastiness. Poison parsnip,… Read More

Planting No-Mow

In the previous  No-Mow post, I wrote about the expense of planting the areas to native wildflowers, and how we’d hoped to manage in such a way that they might just come around.… Read More

Free Press Article

The Burlington Free Press wrote about the No-Mow program here at the school. The article adds comments from the blog posting, and will be expanded and published in the Free Press soon. I missed talking with him… Read More

No Mow

It’s an unfortunate name for a great concept, but we can’t seem to come up with something better. As was talked about in this article, our landscape department has chosen about 20 acres… Read More

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