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Satin Moth

I love getting emails from people concerning the landscape. After all, with more than 300 acres, there are probably things happening I’m missing. And in the chaos that is Commencement and Reunion, I… Read More

Emerald Ash Borer Presentation-This Wednesday

Part of my absence from the blog would be teaching my winter term class “Trees and the Urban Forest” again this semester. It’s a great class, in a super rushed sort of way… Read More

Japanese Beetles

Gardeners, and especially Vermont ones, seem to like to share maxims. Like “Don’t like the weather? Wait 5 minutes.” My Nebraska wife said she’d heard that one out there too, so don’t go… Read More

Cedar Apple Rust

Once you see one, you start seeing them everywhere. The first warm rain in the spring makes these spores appear on Red Cedar (Juniper) trees, completing part of its life cycle. Red Cedar… Read More

Leaf Color

I’ve been reading quite a bit this fall in various newspapers, web sites, etc. about the science of leaf change, and I thought, well, heck, there goes another blog post. I don’t see… Read More

Big Huge Icky Giant Tar Spot

The study of plant diseases made me terribly depressed in school, but also made me laugh on occasion. I imagined two plant pathologists walking around, looking at sick leaves. Of course, each of… Read More

When Good Plants go Bad

My most depressing year at the University of Vermont would have been my junior year. All plant and soil science majors took Plant Pathology that year, two semesters worth. For all of you… Read More

Fall Webworm

Those disgusting silky web cocoons on branches on the sides of the road you’ve been seeing? Fall Webworm, (Hyphantria cunea (Drury)). I’ve been getting asked about it quite a bit, that’s why I… Read More

Hornets and Wasps

Some early leaves are starting to turn on stressed trees, students are trickling back to campus, and it sure was chilly last night. Fall is coming, and we in the landscape department can… Read More

Great Golden Digger Wasp

This wasp, a Great Golden Digger Wasp, Sphex ichneumoneus, has been making its home around Bicentennial Hall as of late. Thanks to Professor Helen Young for the identification! It’s completely harmless (as are… Read More

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