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Pagoda Dogwood

There is another, better Dogwood in bloom right now on campus, a native. Pagoda Dogwood, Cornus alternifolia. There are a bunch planted by Starr/Axinn, and one nice one next to Old Chapel. I’ve… Read More

Doublefile Viburnum

We’ve got another plant in bloom on campus, and this one is worth driving past on your way to work. In front of Carr Hall, look for its large white blooms on a… Read More

Blooming Madness

The rains of the last week are certainly helping spring appear, after a very dry March. There is all sorts of plants in bloom now, here are some of my favorites. Redbud-Cercis canadensis.… Read More


It’s almost impossible now to keep up with everything in bloom, so I’ll write about the most obvious around campus, the Crabapples


There’s a new plant in bloom this week, and it’s all over the place. Amelanchier is the mouthful of a latin name, and it has several common names, including Shadblow, Serviceberry, and Juneberry.… Read More

Cherry Trees

One of the two cherry trees on campus is in full bloom, and the one on the north of it is getting close. I will confess that I don’t exactly know what kind… Read More

Star Magnolia

It’s been a great weekend to see Magnolia flowers as they go flying past you at 30 MPH in the wind. Seriously, it’s been pretty windy all weekend. A hot wind yesterday, from… Read More


We’re up to 18 growing degree days (yeah, I promised in the last post to explain that, I will try to get to that tonight), and there is some Forsythia in bloom. It’s… Read More

What’s in Bloom

It’s April 2, and we’re at about 15 growing degree days on campus. (More on that later) We already have some plants in bloom: here’s a short list In the Garden of the… Read More

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