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Annuals in the Landscape

A couple of months ago I’d found myself up in Burlington. I’d been planting some of the flower beds on campus, so annuals were on my mind. We (miraculously) got a place to… Read More

Annual Review

Regular blog readers (all four of you or so) probably don’t realize I can read about you as well. Through the wonders of an add-in on the blog called Blog Stats, I can… Read More

Annuals-CFA Planters

One of my favorite jobs here on campus is planting the giant concrete planters by the Museum of the Arts doors, on the lower side of the Mahaney Center for the Arts. Here’s… Read More

Annuals-Old Chapel Road

Another great spot on campus for annual plantings are the stone pillars at the North end of Old Chapel Road. These structures used to be completely hidden from view by overgrown Yews (Taxus… Read More

Annuals-Route 30 Sign

Continuing on our annual tour now, we’ll hop across the road and look at what is planted at the base of the large Middlebury College sign across from Admissions.

Annuals-Emma Willard

At Middlebury, we don’t plant tons of annuals all over the place. With such a beautiful campus it almost seems like overkill to go crazy. Instead, we’ve identified some key locations, and plant… Read More

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