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Greetings from Middlebury, where I am looking forward to my 30th season as coach of remarkable student-athletes. Members of our men’s and women’s track and field team recently returned to campus to begin a new academic year, and we are preparing for the 2018 indoor and outdoor seasons. We anticipate a terrific year.

Every year at this time, we ask alumni, parents, and friends who have an interest in our program to help us make our spring-training trip more affordable. Your financial support helps to house and train our student-athletes and to pay our travel expenses. We hope that we can count on you to support our team this year. The spring-break training trip gives us a chance to train in warm conditions and compete against some very strong teams, which could help us to improve dramatically in the following weeks.

We had a great season last year, with six All-Americans indoor and five All-Americans outdoor, and many school records were broken. There’s no doubt that last year’s spring trip made a difference to our athletes—improving their skills, building their confidence, and generally helping them to develop their potential. Your support makes that possible.

Participation in organized athletics is incredibly important to many Middlebury students. Their college experience is richer for it, and for many of them, participating on the track and field team remains one of their fondest memories of Middlebury long after they graduate. The spring trip forges a solid team bond that is important to our success and friendships.

Please take this opportunity to support our team!

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Deadline: Jun 30, 2018
Total needed: $25,000


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  1. D. Virgil Alfaro, III says:

    To: Coach Martin Beatty

    Dear Martin,

    I hope you all have a great excursion to San Diego. Please post more photos on FB or the Midd Website.



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