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Please support the Middlebury Swimming and Diving team’s upcoming winter training trip to Key Largo, Florida. The trip itself costs more than $45,000, and while the majority of the trip is covered by the athletes and their families, we rely on the generous gifts from our alumni and parents to help take care of the remaining balance. This training trip is one of the highlights of the season for our athletes and coaches, and it is an important team bonding experience for everyone. Thank you for your continued support.

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Dollars Raised: 142%

Funding Details

Deadline: Jun 30, 2013
Total needed: $20,000



2 Responses to “Swimming & Diving: Winter Trip 2013”

  1. Coach Rueppel says:

    Members of our program participate in a swimming lesson program here at the college to help cover additional costs of the trip. During the fall we are heavily involved in community service projects. We teach swim lessons to elementary school children and host 2 competitive swim clinics for local swimmers. We also spend 6 weeks working with the Special Olympics swimmers to assist in their preparation for competition. Combine those projects with the academic load and our training program, there is minimal time to do additional fund raising.

    A special THANK YOU to all who have funded this project. Your incredible support is greatly appreciated by all members of our program!!!!!

  2. Georgina W. Duff says:

    What are the other projects the team is doing to raise funds?

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