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Panel Discussion: Athletics and Art as Agents of Social Change Thursday, January 20, Wright Theatre, 7:00 p.m. A panel discussion will explore the experiences of individuals working in the sport-for-development and art-for-development sectors. It will expose Middlebury students to various opportunities in these burgeoning fields. Panelists include:

By: Green Career Central One of the most uncomfortable parts of attending green networking events is knowing you’ll have to introduce yourself to relative strangers in a short period of time.

Referring back to my earlier post Opportunities in Education, I found a few problems in the file Education Opportunities and Resources.pdf So, I have gone through and made sure all of the descriptions can be seen, but most importantly, the links will only work correctly if you copy and paste them into your browser window. […]


It is essential in a job search to stay up-to-date with your industry of choice. However, an ‘industry’ is a broad beast, so what should you really know? Follow new and upcoming technology Know which companies are competitors Understand where the industry is headed Investigate how your industry is affected by external factors Before an […]

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If you are interested in obtaining a graduate degree that will aid you in public service, has and amazing Public Service and Graduate Education Resource Center.  It is a great resource with information ranging from how to finance grad school, to how to apply, to a list of a variety of organizations that can […]

Is graduate school on your radar? If you have thought at all about pursuing a career in sustainable development, take some time to peruse The Global Master’s in Development Practice Network website. The site describes the programs as consisting of “two years of cross-disciplinary academic training in the health, social, natural & engineering sciences and […]

If you are thinking at all about entering public service, you might find it convenient that we have our own resident Federal Service Student Ambassador. Elise Hanks is a junior here at Middlebury and she is here to help people explore the many possibilities in federal service. If you are looking for a job or […]

The National Center for O*Net Development recently released their research on the current economy and its effects on occupations. Check out their list of Green Increased Demand Occupations, jobs that will likely experience an increase in employer demand. Their Green Enhanced Skills Occupations lists the jobs that will likely require a change in skill sets. […]

If you are considering a job in international development, check out this article from It outlines what exactly different positions do so that you may target your search effectively.

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Everyone should check out “How to Make Yourself Standout in an Interview.” It is a great article with sections on what you should know about the job, the industry and the company.  It recommends that before the interview, you research industry trends as well as have a list of your five most compelling qualities, which you […]

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Since we go to school in the middle of Vermont, it is quite likely that there will be a few companies that will not be on campus for interviews.  So, knowing how to nail a phone interview is something that will come in handy. Being in your own environment is one benefit of the phone […]

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It turns out a lot of us already have tools we need for a job search! Check out this great article “Leveraging Social Media in Your Nonprofit Job Search: Q&A with Beth Kanter, Author of Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media” to learn how to utilize your social networking prowess. Also on the […]


How many times have you visited Career Services and the counselor looks over your resume and tells you that the bullets under your Experience section should be quantifiable? But what if your internship or volunteer job was only for a brief time frame and you weren’t around to quantify the results of your hard work?