Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government (HKS) 13th Annual Harvard Public Policy and Leadership Conference (PPLC)

13th Annual Harvard Public Policy and Leadership Conference (PPLC) aims to increase the diversity of students pursuing graduate programs in public policy and international affairs by informing students about opportunities for graduate study and careers in both domestic and international public policy.


Only first years and sophomores  (U.S. citizen and permanent residents) are eligible to apply.

 The conference is free of charge – all expenses are covered by HKS.   For more information visit :-


In addition, interviews with previous participants of the PPLC program can be found here:


 The conference will take place February 21-24, 2013 on the HKS campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The intensive three days of workshops, panels and lectures is designed to encourage students who possess a commitment to public service, particularly those from historically under-served communities and people of color.  While in Cambridge participants will learn about:


  • Careers in public service
  • Domestic and international policy issues
  • Fellowship programs
  • Summer Public Policy and International Affairs Institutes
  • Graduate schools that offer programs in Public Policy
  • Student life

The online application is due by November 16, 2012, and is available now through the PPLC website:




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