PAID Martha’s Vineyard summer 2012 internships – Housing provided

Two PAID Martha’s Vineyard Conservation Internships!  Housing Is Provided!

The Summer Conservation Intern will report directly to the Islands Land Steward, with frequent interaction with the Islands Program Manager, the Eastern Massachusetts Program Director, and native plant specialists. During the 12-week period, the intern will:

• Gain practical experience in land management and restoration

• Learn proper research and monitoring protocols for restoration projects

• Become knowledgeable of the plants and animals endemic to the Sandplains

• Be exposed to The Nature Conservancy’s mission, culture and values.


• Assist the Islands Land Steward in managing and restoring Sandplain grassland and shrub land ecosystems on Martha’s Vineyard

• Become knowledgeable in the local flora of the island’s ecosystems to assist in site inventory, restoration project monitoring, and effective management

• Facilitate the management of a native plant nursery by supervising volunteers, weeding, transplanting seedlings, operating irrigation systems, collecting seed from early-flowering, low stature, or rare species

• Assist in stewardship and preserve management activities such as boundary posting, legal monitoring, invasive species control, and equipment maintenance

• As needed, assist TNC partners such as shorebird monitors, the Oak Bluffs Shellfish Constable, and graduate students.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tracy Himmel Isham, thimmeli[at]

Visit go/mojo and search Keywords: “Conservation Interns” for more information.  April 6th application deadline.

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