Welcome Back from Break! Let’s Talk About a Career/Experience with Impact

Now that we’re both back on campus, let’s get started in thinking about how you can translate your interests and passions  into a career with an impact! There are lots of opportunities while here at Middlebury to explore social change both inside and outside the classroom.  For instance, the newly formed Center for Education in Action (EIA) is a great place to start: you’ll find opportunities for civic engagement like volunteering in the community; attending or leading an alternative break trip (MALT); a vast number of competitive post-graduate fellowship resources and some undergraduate fellowships too; resources to obtain funding for an unpaid summer internship; internships offered by alumni, parents and employers looking for Middkids; advice on how to jump-start your job search and lots of employer information sessions throughout the year — just to name a few!

There are also lots of other initiatives on campus to explore and to connect your academic and outside the class experiences.  Check out MOJO to find a J-term internship off campus for credit and don’t forget to visit the Project on Creativity and Innovation to unharness your creative ideas and juices!

There is lots to share with you, so feel free to come into EIA and set up an appointment to talk to me about your passions, ideas and plans…we’re all ears here!  For now, I hope to get out interesting information that is relevant to CCG and finding opportunities that will help you to make a positive impact in the world.

Since we know some of you will refer back to this blog after graduation, we will start tagging articles that promote opportunities so that they fit into several categories: undergraduate opp(ortunities) or alumni opp(ortunities). Feel free to comment as well; we love the feedback!

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