Job Post: CleanTech U Seeking 5 New Associates

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**Application deadline is Tuesday, November 12th. They do not sponsor for the H1-B visa.

CleanTech U Associates Overview

Building the new clean energy and green economy is not only one of the largest economic opportunities of our century, but a human necessity. In a few short months, CleanTech U ( has launched at several leading U.S. universities, been recognized at the Clinton Global Initiative and begun formulating a China engagement strategy to create an international network and organization.

CleanTech U is looking for dynamic, innovative upstarts to help create launchpads for student entrepreneurs and leaders. We’re not looking for the pencil pushing, pinstripe dressed, clock in-clock out type; we’re looking for the troublemakers, envelope pushers, dreamers. If you have a penchant for carving out new solutions, innovating out of a corner, seeing the opportunity in the midst of chaos: We’d love to hear from you!

We’re looking for five associates in various fields. Location is virtual and time commitments vary according to position, availability and aspirations. To apply, please send your resume and motivation letter (not in formal diction please!) to and insert the position you’re applying for in the subject line. We’re looking to fill these positions ASAP, so tell us why you’re crazy enough to be considered!

Brand development/Marketing/ Communications Associate


CleanTech U is looking for a dynamic, driven, detail-orientated associate to develop a brand and communications strategy as we seek to provide news, updates and developments to our partners and network. You’ll get the opportunity to build experience in brand development and marketing, expanding your portfolio by creating a brand for a non-profit with a national footprint that will engage with cleantech industry leaders, venture capital investors, policy-makers,  technology researchers, university administrations, and more.


Create a consistent message including brand development, language and presence. Specific tasks will involve creating a monthly newsletter and press reports and maintain our web presence including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. In conjunction with our web developer you’ll have the opportunity to create our website. On average, expect to spend approximately 10 to 15 hours per month and have access to a wide range of professionals and industry leaders.

Website/ Domain Master


CleanTech U is looking for a technically savvy, dynamic website/domain master to help create our online presence. You’ll have the opportunity to enhance your experience and portfolio by using all you web development skills including HTML, PhP, Flash, etc. and integrating RSS feeds, blog tools and more!


Translate our online design into a fully functional website. In conjunction with our marketing communications team you’ll create an online presence for us in the Cleantech space. We expect online traffic to be generated from a wide range of audiences including cleantech industry leaders, venture capital investors, policy-makers and university administrators. Expect to spend approximately 50 hours for initial design then updates as required (4 hours per month).

Research Associate


CleanTech U is looking for two research associates looking to grow their experience and have their work read by an international audience by expanding on our premier publication – the CleanTech U Bright Spots Handbook (BSH). With rave reviews from cleantech practitioners, the BSH is a compendium detailing the best university cleantech interventions. We are looking for two associates to interview tomorrow’s cleantech leaders and understand how their groups and projects are changing cleantech at universities around the U.S creating a comprehensive map of leading cleantech research and entrepreneurship hubs.


With an audience including industry leaders, venture capital investors, policy-makers and undergraduate and post-graduate students, you have the opportunity to build relationships with a wide array of professionals. We expect the BSH to be expanded internationally with your future work being read across the globe. Expect to spend between 10 – 15 hours per month preparing, researching, interviewing and compiling stories to be shared in our bi-annual publication.

Project Manager


CleanTech U is looking for a visionary graduate student with an eye for detail looking to expand their experience in project management. By working directly with CleanTech U’s Executive Director you’ll have the opportunity to translate strategic vision into an operations plan to be implemented by student volunteers. You’ll have the opportunity to experience firsthand the intricacies of an expanding cleantech non-profit startup with a national footprint.


Develop a high performing team through inspiration and various project management tools. Your operational mindset and attention to detail will ensure that our various projects remain on schedule and are delivered to a wide range of audiences including industry leaders, venture capitalist investors, policy-makers and undergraduate and post-graduate students. Expect to spend approximately 20 – 25 hours per month developing workplans, interacting with your team and ensuring operational excellence.

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