Midd Kids…Keep Ya Head Up!

What’s so great about a liberal arts education? Every Midd Kid asks this question especially during their senior year when they see job posts that specifically seek out undergraduate students with a communications or business major. Well Midd Kid, let me answer your question.

WRITING SKILLS. Think about the 2 CW courses that we are required to take in order to graduate. Remember your FYS and how you had to write and rewrite essays during your first months at Midd? What about all those papers you have to write for class? Correct me if I’m wrong but, thinking back on my 24 classes (Chinese included), each class required some sort of writing, and each professor had their own specific writing preferences that Midd Kids had to cater to. Middlebury basically gives you 4 years to seriously hone those writing skills that businesses want!

Don’t believe me? Just ask Dalya F. Massachi from OpportunityKnocks.org.

Massachi wrote: Employers know that writing well will help you succeed in fundraising, marketing/outreach, advocacy, project management, administration, etc. No matter if you’re at the entry level or in senior management, strong writing skills are critical if you want to capture the interest and attention of your constituents and prospective donors. Virtually everyone working in the nonprofit sector has to do some writing at some point. And the better you can do that, the deeper and broader your impact will be. Your organization may produce great work or come up with outstanding ideas, but if you present those achievements or thoughts poorly they will not get very far.

Midd Kid, you are special. There are people out there who want you.

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